The Original Modular Stair Form™ 

A New Innovation in concrete stair form work. A light weight modular alternative to traditional stair form systems. Simply clip the step boxes together to form a flight of stairs. Its that easy! No crane or hoist required! The Original Modular Stair Form™ has been engineered as an inexpensive, fast, ‘off the shelf’ internal fire stair solution.

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The Original Modular Stair Form™ system is versatile in providing two installation methods. The first method allows you to install the stairs after the upper and lower landings have been poured when using our innovative Void Former Kit. The second method allows you to install the stairs at the same time you pour the upper landing. The second method additionally provides site access to the upper level before the concrete is placed.

Naturally, propping of the stair flight is required before pouring concrete as per any typical stair form installation.

Download our Revit design content and insert the model direct into your drafting project! Save time and money on extra drafting or design by using The Original Modular Stair Form™ design content below. Everything you need for your scheduling is included and ready to go making it easier to place your next order!

Download Revit Content Here


Stair Box

The Stair box has a galvanised steel finish and comes with a trowelling line for an accurate level tread finish every time

Starter Box

The Starter box has a galvanised steel finish and designed to sit flat on the slab surface where edge mounting is not required

Void Former

An innovative Void-Former kit is available for installing stairs after the floor slabs has been poured

Handrail Bracket

Custom handrail mounting brackets are designed to suit any handrail system

Connection Kit

The connection kit allows you to pour the stairs with the upper floor landing. 1 required per flight of stairs

Modular Landing Box

‘The Original Modular Stair Landing’™ coming soon. Faster, Lighter, Lower cost!