Stair System dimensions:
Standard rise of 176 mm and a tread width of 250 mm | Throat thickness of 173 mm

Step Box Dimensions:
Weight: 8 kg (Approx) | Volume: 0.088 m3 | Width: 1160 mm

Personal protective equipment is required when handling and assembling all components of ‘The Original Modular Stair Form’™ system.
First Method of Installation:
Installing the flight of stairs after the slabs have been poured is achieved by pre-installing the reusable Void Former Kit into the form work at each level before the concrete is poured. This will leave the perfect impression on the cured slab edge ready to mount the first step box of the flight. The void former kit will place the connection hook voids and starter bar holes in the exact position in the slab edge.

Second method of installation:
Install the stair form by integrating the stair flight into the formwork for the upper landing. Simply attached a connection kit to the top stair box in the flight to allow mounting onto the formwork for the upper landing. Fix the bar to the formwork deck with the nails supplied. Only 1 kit is required for each flight of stairs.

Typical example of stair propping required prior to pouring concrete or using stairs as site access to the upper landing. Longitudinal bearers required for suitable support. To be confirmed by site formwork design engineer.